Mindfulness Psychotherapy for Relationship Issues, Anger Management, Stress, Depression, Communication & Conflict Resolution

Anger Management

Everyone experiences difficulty with anger at some point. Relationship stress, parenting issues, financial or work pressures, loss, sudden changes or transitions and trauma, all put enormous strain on your capacity to cope. Click here for more.

Individual Therapy

Anxiety, stress and worry, anger, prolonged cycles of conflict, fighting and withdrawal, depression, sadness, loneliness, grief, sexual frustration and isolation- when these negative feelings dominate your life, you feel out of control, and you are unable to find joy, happiness, satisfaction or fulfillment. Click here for more.

Couples Therapy

Understanding where the negative cycle comes from helps you have compassion for yourself and your partner and the seemingly crazy behavior couples sometimes find ourselves engaged in. Click here for more.

Therapy Groups for Men

I specialize in creating a unique environment for men’s personal growth. Men’s psychology acknowledges that men have a unique journey that benefits from a unique setting. I specialize in creating a unique environment for men’s personal growth. Click here for more.



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A Fresh Start

The key to all change is to be in the moment. Deep change happens when something new arises in you and instead of ignoring it, you let it in and let it grow. Being in the moment doesn’t come naturally. It’s something you have to train. You have to get into a “Here & Now Gym” to build the muscle of living in the present moment. I teach tools that through repetition help you stay connected to yourself, get you centered, and help you launch a journey of self-discovery. As blocks arise we work together to move through them.

Tools to Move Ahead in the Journey

I offer you a set of tools, a method that can help you learn a new path. Unless you get new tools, you cannot move beyond what emotional or relationship skills you already have. You can’t build a garden without a shovel and a rake and seeds, and you can’t build better relationships without a new language of attunement and connection.  You can’t connect with yourself unless you have new tools to explore yourself inside. Without these tools you will get hijacked by your thoughts, by the stories from the past or fears about the future.