I specialize in creating a unique environment for men’s personal growth. Men’s psychology acknowledges that men have a unique journey that benefits from a unique setting. Men often feel under-appreciated for their passion to engage the world through creativity, work and in relationships. Men long to be a part of something larger and often feel isolated and left out of community. Our current society labels men as un-engaged and un-emotional, neither of which is a reality. Men's groups meet in San Francisco and AlbanyMen seek a form of relationship that meets them and acknowledges masculine rhythms, needs and desires. On the other hand, the way men are raised does mean that revealing emotions, developing sustained intimacy and dealing with anger are uniquely challenging.  A men’s group experience offers men the opportunity to journey together toward their deepest goals and learn from each other along the way.

Men’s groups are a great way to accelerate your learning about how to manage stress, anger and conflict, increase your communication skills and emotional IQ. It is also a way to increase healthy assertiveness, positive emotions, life satisfaction and empowerment toward your deepest life goals. Open to all men who want to explore themselves, grow and change, young or old, gay or straight, and all ethnicities.

My Approach to groups is Relationship-Centered, Present-Centered, Body Centered, and Systems-Oriented:

Each of these areas of focus are interdependent and build on each other. As one element changes, your whole self-as-a-system changes. Each week you will practice getting centered in your body as we launch the group.

We will focus on learning to stay in the present moment by bracketing the past and future and by exploring what is happening in the now.

We will focus on relationship patterns that emerge in the emotional field within the group, and we will use a systems based communication tool called “Functional Subgrouping” to learn to build interpersonal resonance.

We will naturally land on the universal polarities and challenges that all groups and relationships encounter and identify and work through the crucial phases of development we face in the relational systems within which we live.

Our focus is not on confrontation, judging or fixing each other, but rather exploring shared experience together and learning side by side. You will discover your growing edges, find comrades who share a similar path. You will learn to make increased room for differences you discover in others and in yourself. You will naturally become more authentic, more open, more free, more personally authentic and responsible, and more able to make choices.

I hope you’ll consider joining us,


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