International Systems-Oriented Workshops and Activities:

Copenhagen, Denmark

  • October 2013
  • March 2014


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • November1-3
  • March 2014

Contact: Lotte Pans (

Zurich, Switzerland

  • March 8-17, 2010

Feedback From a 2009 Systems Oreinted Workshop

“ I was deeply impressed at being able to communicate intensively for 3 entire days at a process level without  going into personal (historical) content, and also by the pace of the workshop.  Working with “subgrouping” is an amazing technique for getting clear what actually happens between people.”
Harriët Ordelman
Trainer, Coach

“I found it a wonderfully practical weekend and a truly liberating experience; Peter is an expert guide. He is a born teacher!”

What I really found valuable was how we as a group became more and more in the “here and now’ and more open; something that gave us the space to investigate the things that drive our behavior in a very respectful way. Peter Bernhardt’s professional guidance, engagement and presence really allowed this to happen. Very exciting for me to think of how I can integrate Systems theory and practice into the work I currently do with groups in a therapeutic setting

Tanja Mars / TAOS
Trainer, Coach and Therapist

” I really enjoyed the weekend. The ‘systems approach’ of Agazarian does justice to the complexity of reality from one moment to the next without drowning the simplicity of personal connection. On the contrary, its an exciting adventure to be swept up in a group adventure where we learn from the roles we play and from the different aspects of being human.
Annick Nevejan
Trainer, coach and creative specialist

“I enjoyed the workshop immensely. I generally find things like this terribly confronting but this was completely inspiring and a fascinating experience to be part of. The technique and manner of working really worked for me.”